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Charles "Trip" Tucker III

Commander and Chief Engineer of the NX-01 Enterprise

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Name:Charles "Trip" Tucker III
Birthdate:May 13
Website:Charles Tucker @ TR Wiki

Commander Charles Tucker III, also known as Trip, is a Starfleet engineer on the NX-01 Enterprise. Blond and blue eyed, Trip is a fit and tirm man in his mid thirties. A southern gentleman from Florida, he comes complete with southern drawl that supports a goofy but stubborn personality and often hides a brilliant and innovative mind.

 - A tan polo shirt, dirty and slightly torn
 - A pair of brown jeans, dirty and slightly torn
 - A brown leather belt
 - A pair of brown leather boots
 - A pair of thick white socks, dirty
 - A set (tank and shorts) of Starfleet issue royal blue undergarments
 - A World War II era pistol with slight alien modifications, 5 bullets left in the chamber

Trip comes from the season 4 episode Storm Front Part 2 of the television series Star Trek Enterprise.

Trip Tucker belongs to Paramount Televison and Connor Trinneer belongs to himself. This is just a roleplaying journal for [community profile] the_blank_slate
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