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Mailbox for Charles "Trip" Tucker III
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Best friend bonding involving a campfire, alcohol and half serious Truth or Dare. That turns more serious then either Starfleet Officer intended.

Hey Jon....Truth or Dare. )

To Be Continued...
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Between Halloween and the arrival of a certain Starfleet captain, Trip and Freddie drink away island antics and disappearances. And drinking leads to a more physical release.

I was just being honest. I was going to bring up the come-on a little later, if you still seemed up for it. )

For Phoebe

Dec. 10th, 2012 03:31 am
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After consulting two of the people whose opinions mattered most to him on the island (Jon and Kate), Trip finally decided to take the plunge. It still took him about half a day to work up the nerve but here he was, heading down the streets of New York to ask Phoebe Halliwell out on a date.

While he hadn't gone the full suit route that Caffrey had used to floor Kate, Trip had looked for a nice bouquet of flowers to bring with him. The vendor had had the perfect thing: colorful sub-tropical flowers that reminded him of home. Just holding them was calming in a way and gave him courage.

Or at least until he got to the door of her apartment building. He forced himself to take a few deep breaths...then reminded himself that he wasn't in high school and he was being ridiculous. He pushed the buzzer and waited.
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After looking to Jon for some advice about the fallout from T'Pol, Trip goes to Kate to ask if it's worth Phoebe laughing in his face. And ends up discovering Kate is twitterpated herself.

Seriously, babe, whatever you've got to ask me, unless you suddenly became a serial killer or a pedophile, you can always stay 'til you're ready to go. )
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Before Trip can ask Phoebe out, he needs to clear his head about T'Pol and what happened in the Expanse. And the only person he can do that with is his best friend from home, Jonathan Archer. much have I told ya 'bout what happened between me and T'Pol in the Expanse? )

(To Be Continued...)
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There was one thing Trip didn't count on when getting Jon to move into his hut: his nightmares that still lingered from Halloween. After waking him up in the middle of the night, Jon wants to help.

Trip. Hey, Trip, can you hear me? It's a nightmare. C'mon, buddy, wake up! )
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The visions were getting worse.

Visions, that’s what Trip had to keep telling himself they were. The Xindi were not on Tabula Rasa. They were not on Earth, even this odd pocket of realty. Other people were experiencing the same thing, well, not seeing aliens but seeing other things. He just had to keep reminding himself that it wasn’t just him.

But it was getting harder by the day. At first it had just been the Aquatics. Then the Primates and Humanoids. But lately, he’d started getting glimpses of Reptilian and Insectoid Xindi, the two more war like races that Enterprise had not been able to negotiate with. They had been set to destroy Earth and humankind no matter what, even after it was discovered that it would make no difference in the fate of the Xindi in the schemes of the Spherebuilders.

Coffee. That’s what Trip needed. Coffee. Well, really he felt alcohol wouldn’t go amiss but it was a little too early in the day for it. Though, if these visions kept getting worse…he might rethink the whole proper time of day thing. As it was, the nightmares had already returned so sleep was a precious commodity. And so…coffee.

Trip entered the rec room and went right for the coffee pot, glad that someone had already made a pot. He didn’t think his nerves could handle waiting at the moment. And the first sip was met with a sigh of relief as his nerves were soothed for a few moments at least.

Or at least until he turned around. There, sitting at the table, was Degra. The Xindi who had built the weapon that had attacked Earth and killed his sister. The rational part of Trip’s brain (that sounded like Jon) was telling him that Degra had been killed by the Xindi for helping Enterprise after he had a change of heart about his weapon…but Trip wasn’t listening to that part of his brain. Alls he could do was stare at the creature that had caused him so much torment.

“You know, I should be surprised to see you here…but I’m not.”
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Starting a bit late but even with my life being crazy, it took me a while to decide and commit to one pup. But I've finally decided to abuse poor Trip with fear plot.

It's going to start small, with him swearing he's seeing Xindi on the island. The Xindi are a race of aliens that wanted to destroy Earth in Enterprise's third season. They attacked Earth with a super weapon that cut a path through parts of South America and Florida, notably destroying Trip's home town and killing his sister, Elizabeth. The Xindi have five subspecies: Aquatic, Humanoid, Ape, Insect and Reptile. The Aquatics stayed mostly neutral, the Humanoid and Ape eventually work with Enterprise to stop the destruction of Earth and the Insect and Reptile were the most gung oh on killing all humans. It was up to Enterprise to stop them and basically started a year of hell for the crew.

So it's going to start with him thinking he's seeing Aquatic Xindi on the island. Then it will step up to Humanoids and Apes, then finally Insects and Reptiles. I'm thinking of stepping it up through the month of July and August. Then in September, it will be Xindi ships and the Xindi Superweapon in the sky. Finally, in October, he will be reliving battles with the Xindi, complete with dead crew mates, especially Archer, T'Pol and Malcolm, and visions of his dead sister.

What is the most important thing about all of this is that sometime between August and September, this is going to cause his nightmares to return. After his sister was killed, Trip started to have revenge and grief fueled nightmares that caused him to be unable to sleep. So, he will probably start to become a bit irritable and crabby in general throughout September. Also, for anyone who normally 'sleeps over' this is a good thing to know.

This will (hopefully) culminate with Trip having almost a complete break down on Halloween, followed by the arrival on the island of one Malcolm Reed, if Sarah can app him by then. This isn't set in stone but it is the hopeful conclusion. This will probably change but right now, there's what it is!

First EP, with him seeing the Aquatic Xindi will go up on Mon/Tues (July 2/3) and I'd love to set up some Private Threads as well, especially when the nightmares start.
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[Continued from here]

If he pressed, she wouldn't say know. Elevators were certainly places for bad decisions... or good decisions as the case might be. Trixa had no illusion about what she was looking for tonight and as such she leaned back against the elevator wall and ran a finger down the edge of his jacket.

"Suits you. The southern gentleman in Victorian garb."

Trip was unable to stop himself from looking down, following her finger. "Ya think? The clothes have been giving me a hell of time. Stuffier then my ole' uniform, that's for sure." Then he lightly ran a hand down her hip. "I shoulda done the ignoring it route, like it you. Not that ya wouldn't have stood out in the crowd tonight anyway..."
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Trip loved the beach. He loved living on the beach. If he couldn't be on Enterprise or live in Florida, this wasn't a horrible substitute.

And one of the best parts was the ability to go for a morning swim in the ocean. Jon may have missed swimming in a pool for water polo but Trip didn't believe there was anything better then swimming against the waves.

Finally, he'd swum up an appetite and reluctantly waded out of the ocean to wrangle up from breakfast.
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Lazy mornings was one thing Trip did like about the island. While he missed Enterprise, her crew and her engine (he was the Chief Engineer and he'd helped design her, he loved that engine like she was a person) something awful but it was nice to be free of those responsibilities for a little while.

And he had good reason to be lazy as he'd been wore out last night by the woman laying beside him. That was another thing he liked about the island: people sure were friendly. Granted, Trip did care about Lily as a dear friend but he was glad they could still have a little fun now and again.

Trip was dozing comfortably, not bothering to open his eyes just yet and get rid of the warm, content feeling. A weight settled on his chest, and he was still sleepy enough to think it was Lily so he just grumbled at how sharp her nails were but didn't open his eyes.

It was the tongue that started licking his face that finally got Trip to open his eyes and he had to stare in sleepy confusion for a few moments before he figured out what was going on. Then, all else forgotten, he sat up quickly with a large grin. "Porthos! What are ya doin' here buddy?"

For Anatoly

Oct. 5th, 2011 11:30 pm
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Trip had been on the island known as Tabula Rasa for 3 days now and every day, he came a little bit closer to accepting this new reality. Considering how relative reality had been for him lately, with everything that had happened in the Expanse and the time traveling to World War II, it was very strange to be standing still in a sense. To not be constantly worrying about the warp engine, the crew, the Xindi, the Captain and T’Pol...and thinking about Elizabeth, who was never far from his mind.

He knew he probably should be trying to find a way home, Jon and Malcolm would be, but perhaps it was proof of T’Pol rubbing off on him that he’d decided to accept what he’d been told about not being able to leave and save his energy for when he did get back home. It wouldn’t be the first time his, and Enterprise’s, fate had been completely out of his hands.

Maybe a part of him just wanted to stop for a while. To just be Trip Tucker; not Charles Tucker the III, oldest sibling of the Tucker family making sure Elizabeth didn’t die in vain, or Commander Tucker, third in command of the first Earth starship and in charge of keeping the crew’s spirits up or the Chief Engineer, responsible for keeping Starfleet’s first Warp 5 engine working in as top shape as he could.

If he was going to be sent back to Earth in another realty, or whatever the explanation was as in all honesty, he’d tuned it out once he realized he was cut off from Enterprise, at least he was someplace with a beach. Trip was from a state where the beach was never more then an hour or so away so he’d spent a good part of his life on the water. In fact, he’d got his start as an engineer on boat engines. When not with his beloved warp engine, it was where he felt the most at home. He had faced the seemingly dreaded cloths box soon after his arrival and had been given a pair of brightly colored swim trunks that’s he’d practically lived in since. When he wasn’t drinking at one of the many bars on this place.

But at the moment, Trip was unfortunately sober and sitting on the beach. He’d gone out swimming earlier and now he was just sitting with his eyes half closed, enjoying the soothing sounds of the waves and the smell of salt in the air. It did wonders for calming him.

A calm that lasted until he suddenly had a lapful of squirming dog who was doing his best to lick Trip’s face,. Surprised, he burst out in startled laughter. The amount of dogs he’d seen on the island was comforting, especially after years of borrowing Porthos from Jon. And this one was fluffy but still kinda a cute. “Well, ain’t you a cute lil’ fella. Guess all dogs have that sense of when a guy needs some cheerin’ up, huh?”

The little dog barked happily and Trip was more then happy to scratch him, trying out all of Porthos’ favorite spots until he found one that worked. “There ya go, lil’ fella. Porthos always did love a good ear rub. Ole’ Jonny could spend hours watchin’ water polo and scratching that beagle’s ears. I guess this whole thing could be worse. The island coulda brought me before I found out the Cap’n was alive.” He paused for a moment, then shook his head. “Yeah, definitely could be worse. I don’t think I could stand knowin’ Lizzie and Jon were dead. I just hope Enterprise is alright.”

Trip knew he should probably find out who the little dog belong too but for right now, it was good to pour out his thoughts to a listening ear, even if it was canine. And he couldn’t help but wonder if the little dog liked cheese as a reward...


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